A first-class operation!
David Schumacher2013 LPFC Finalist
This is the best news of my life!  I want to thank you all deeply for holding this contest.  I know lives will be changed as a result.
Dennis Luu 2013 LPFC Finalist
It was a relief to get signed before the competition was over. It was great to get that recognition from Will and Adam before the results were even in.
Matthew James McDonough2013 LPFC Top 3
I’ve placed in other competitions before, but the Tracking Board Launchpad competition takes things to a whole other level. They continue to help you long after the initial press release. These guys genuinely care about your success. The Launchpad competition has worked wonders for opening doors and getting read by the right people. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.
Trevor Mayes2013 LPFC Semifinalist
Within 3 weeks of discovering that I placed in the Top 25, I’d met with managers and had a number of agencies request to read my pilot. The reaction was definitely better than I could have imagined.
Nti Aning2014 LPPC Semifinalist
The contest was great. Everyone at The Tracking Board seems like they actually care about me and where my career is going. I choose this contest because of the opportunities it claimed to provide. It certainly delivered. For how much The Tracking Board has followed up, I can’t give them enough praise.
Blake Armstrong2013 LPFC Semifinalist
Launchpad was a great experience. Great exposure. I feel like the TB/Launchpad folks are sincerely interested not in collecting some cash but actually promoting writers to the management/agency/studio community. TB has a reputation of being a place writers can get ‘exposure’.  And after its first year, it’s quickly become one of the ones that people in the industry actually pay attention to. And it had genre categories, which, with Butcher Holler, was vital. I thought there was a lot of great communication during the competition, and the placing got me a ton of requests for my script, which ultimately led to it selling.
Dan Shea2013 LPFC Semifinalist
The Launch Pad competition was my first competition. I entered it because I was so impressed with the quality of the site, the devotion to specs, the real and meaningful prizes. Since placing in the semifinals, I’ve pitched to various companies, and everyone has taken note when I mentioned placing in this competition. It’s the real deal. Also since the competition, TB has been so proactive in raising awareness for the writers who placed, and this follow up is on-going. I can’t speak more highly of it all. I’ve not met the guys behind it, but will shake their hands when I do!
Stephen Isles2013 LPFC Finalist
This contest legitimately changed my life. It was amazing to have my work set out and actually taken seriously. Right away, I got a ton of emails from people requesting to see the script!
Kate Trefry2013 LPFC Winner
The fact that 10 out of 25 of your finalists have got repped, is 1/ Unprecedented 2/ an indicator of the quality of scripts entered. When that fact comes out, that’s going to make huge waves. I have feeling you guys might be deluged by entries next year! Exciting times…
Dominic Morgan2013 LPFC Finalist