I submitted my first pilot, Another/World, to Tracking Board for coverage in November, 2013 (consider for writer/pass for script). I carefully incorporated those notes into my script. Best money I ever spent as the revised script landed in the Top 25 of their 2014 ‘Launch Pad’ competition.  The very nature of writing can be so lonely, fraught with second guesses and insecurity. Am I on the right path? This validation from such a respected industry source has given me the confidence that, yes, I am.
Tony Lippera2014 LPPC Semifinalist
The day after hearing I made the top 25 I had the top manager in town calling me on a Sunday. On Monday I met and signed with him. By Wednesday, my pilot was being read by the head of several TV departments at the top agencies. By Friday, I was developing the show with some of the biggest producers in this town.
Douglas Stark2013 LPFC Finalist, 2014 LPPC Finalist
In their first contest they sold 5 of the top 25 [semifinalists] and more than half of the writers got signed. Show me any other contest that can do that!
Brooklyn WeaverManagerEnergy Entertainment
I can hardly express how much Tracking Board has changed the trajectory of my career. Which is to say, it now has a trajectory. Within 2 days after my pilot script became part of their Top 25 in the Launch Pad Competition I had requests for meetings from producers and managers none of whom knew I existed 48 hours earlier. And that momentum has only grown with the continued support from Tracking Board’s staff. This contest unquestionably gets your work into the hands of those who should be reading it. The people at Tracking Board genuinely care about representing both you and your work in the best light and helping to create not only connections but careers. I had no way of knowing that they would work so hard to make sure that my work was as widely read and widely acknowledged as they did, so it seems only fair that I proclaim that, as far as I have seen, this is the best possible place to submit your scripts. It’s the real deal.
Max Perry2014 LPPC Finalist
I entered The Tracking Board’s Launch Pad Pilot contest and within a week of being named a Semifinalist I signed with a top tier manager. I think that speaks for itself, but I’d also like to note that The Tracking Board’s staff has gone above and beyond to promote my script and expose it to legitimate industry contacts and keep me abreast of every step. Most contests simply announce the winners on their website and have done with it, but The Tracking Board is actually motivated to help the careers of its entrants. Also, they have the means to actually do so, which is rare.
Ted Sperling2014 LPPC Finalist
Days after I was announced [in the Top 25] I was signed by Brooklyn Weaver at Energy Entertainment and David Saunders at APA and had sold my script to Scott Free and 20th Century Fox for Ridley Scott to produce. I’d spent 12 years trying to break in, and this contest did it for me in a matter of days.
Daniel Turkewitz2013 LPFC Finalist
The Tracking Board’s Launch Pad contest is a serious game changer. I’d never really been persuaded by the idea of entering a contest before, because many seemed pointless: it’s a lot of politics, you have to write ‘for’ the judging panel, and what you win is either just a title or money. I didn’t know exactly what I could get out of that. It’s amazing to see The Tracking Board run a contest of a different sort: you can be you, talent is talent, and what you receive is something more measurable than just acclaim. In an industry where so much of your future relies less on what you can do but who you know, the simplicity of the contest is wonderful. It’s a true chance to cut through the B.S. and let your writing speak for itself.
Kaitlin Kelly & Andy Heriaud2014 LPPC Finalist
This isn’t some bullshit random contest offering you money or something – this thing starts careers. It’s only been around for one year, and already everyone is this town knows about it. It’s huge. Everyone wants what this contest has.
Lee StobbyManagerSilent R Management
I’ve entered a lot of contests the last few years, have won a couple, been finalists in a few but, frankly, nothing has come even close to the impact being a Top 25 semifinalist in The Tracking Board Launch Pad Pilot Contest has had on getting a script in front of, and read by, the industry’s top agencies, management companies and producers. Let me say that again, nothing has come close to getting your foot inside the industry. And the ongoing commitment of Chris and his staff to all TB Launch Pad Contest advancing writers (feature and TV) is truly remarkable. It doesn’t stop once the contest is over. You truly become part of the TB-LP family.
Curt Burdick2014 LPPC Semifinalist
This contest is the new standard of what writers should expect via a screenwriting competition.
Jorge Gonzalez IIIManagerStation3